• Kitty Flanagan - Charming & Alarming

  • Kitty Flanagan - Seriously

  • Kitty Flanagan - Live Collection

    A collection of Kitty. Rent it now!

    Collection Contains - 2 titles

    With effortless charm, Kitty’s comic timing and bursts of physical theatre are nothing short of outstanding. Charming & Alarming is the definitive collection of Flanagan’s best stand-up, performed in a sparkl...

  • Kitty Flanagan - Seriously

    How can there be so much fun and learning in just 75 minutes? Seriously? You’ll discover everything there is to know about dating a “pleeceman”. Learn how to keep a straight face when doctors use proper words like anus and areola. Find out why dog people are the new cat people, why old people lov...

  • Hello Kitty Flanagan

    Kitty delivers more funny stories, more physical comedy and a bit of random shouting. She demonstrates burlesque dancing with her clothes on and explains why pets are better than children. There are even a couple of new songs courtesy of musical guest and singing nun, Sister Penny Flanagan.

  • The Latest & Greatest

    A selection of new titles from Alist Entertainment
    All the latest releases from each Artist in one convenient pack!

    Akmal – Transparent
    Carl Barron– Drinking With A Fork
    Kitty Flanagan – Seriously
    Umbies – Not Suitable For Children
    Strassman – iTed
    Tahir – The Citizen Test
    Arj Barker -Organic

  • The A-List Mega Pack

    A Megapack of Stand-up Comedy
    - This pack includes -
    - Akmal- Transparent
    - Arj Barker- Organic
    - Carl Barron- Live
    - Carl Barron- Walking Down The Street
    - David Strassman- iTedE
    - Jimeoin- What?!
    - Kitty Flanagan- Seriously=
    - Lawrence Mooney- Moonman
    - Simon Taylor-...

  • Comedy Festival at YOUR Place

    9 shows from your favourite comedians – bringing the Comedy Festival to your place.

    You may have heard of a little thing called the coronavirus – and you also may have heard that Comedy Festivals around the country were unable to proceed this year.

    But fret not! We are here to beam all the co...

  • Jimeoin - Something Smells Funny

    Something...Smells Funny
    There is a hilarious aroma in the air. It's Jimeoin's new show SOMETHING SMELLS FUNNY. Filmed in front of a capacity crowd, he effortlessly makes you breathe in his witty brand of charming humour that will leave you covered in the unforgettable stench of happiness.

  • Arj Barker - Joy Harvest

    After finally wrapping up his year long Australian tour, it is clear how much the fans love Arj Barker! Based on the live show "Let Me Do The Talking", this highly anticipated new release from one of Australia's most loved comedians certainly lives up to expectations. Just like the stereotypical ...

  • Arj Barker - Live Collection

    A collection of everything Arj Barker has ever released. Includes ORGANIC, winner of the 2019 ARIA Award for 'Best Comedy Release'

    Collection Contains - 8 titles

    A Collection of the best of Arj Barker -
    This pack includes -

    Internationally acclaimed comedian Arj Barker dishes up his all-t...