• Carl Barron - Drinking With A Fork

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    Australia's most popular live comedia hits the stage with his funniest show yet. Filmed at the beautiful Newcastle Civic Theatre, experience the magic of Carl Barron's Drinking With A Fork. Annoying birds, bad joggers and whistling while you talk are some of the subjects he covers in his own pers...

  • David Strassman - iTedE

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    Join international comedy star David Strassman for this hilarious live performance. iTedE uproariously parodies our technology -laden lives. The sharp-tongued Chuck Wood and loveable Ted E. Bare are constantly on their devices. With everyone connected to social media and the internet 24/7, will S...

  • A-List Entertainment

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    Hope you enjoy

  • Carl Barron - One Ended Stick

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    Come on a journey with Carl in this intimate 90 minute performance as he explores his favourite subject: everyday life. Half man, half child this is Carl doing what he does best, talking about the things we all relate to and making them very, very funny.

  • Arj BArker - Organic

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    Arj dishes up his latest show filmed live from the Powerhouse in Brisbane. As always, he starts with the finest free-range topics and nurtures them until they're brimming with wholesome hilarity, and ready for a tellin'. Remeber, his cruelty-free jokes are ALWAYS tested on animals, and 100% goat-...

  • Akmal - Transparent

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    Akmal returns with his funniest show ever in the history of comedy. Filmed live from the Blue Mountains, see Akmal at his brilliant best as he tackles every subject from reality TV through to dealing with Australian politics. Make sure you had Paramedics on call to transport you to hospital as yo...

  • Kitty Flanagan - Seriously

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    How can there be so much fun and learning in just 75 minutes? Seriously? You’ll discover everything there is to know about dating a “pleeceman”. Learn how to keep a straight face when doctors use proper words like anus and areola. Find out why dog people are the new cat people, why old people lov...

  • Umbilical Brothers - NSFC

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    Join Dane and Shavid in a brain-melting journey to the most terrifying vista the human mind has ever encountered: the world of children's television. Witness the happy fly dance, purchase the most dangerous contraband, reminisce about beloved TV icons and get extremely moist in a children's show ...

  • Lawrence Mooney - Moonman

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    It's time to find out who the Moonman really is and what he wants.

    Moonman is a sophisticated and disturbingly honest exploration of Lawrence Mooney's comic psyche. It's the coming of age story of a 50 year old man. In a year when everything was coming up roses for Lawrence, things started to fr...

  • Jimeoin - YEEHAA
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    Jimeoin - YEEHAA

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    Join Jimeoin for the best night of boot scootin’, thigh slappin, tootin’ and a hootin’ laughs this side of funnysville.

  • Tahir - Bogan, Asians, Wogs and other Aussies

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    Tahir's best so far...

  • Dave Eastgate - I Wish i Had a Band

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    Australia’s hottest new musical comedy genius, Dave Eastgate, is ready to strap on the leather, crank up the metal, and metaphorically smash your face like a plastic schooner cup with his signature blend of stand-up comedy and balls out rockin’ thunder!. After jet setting overseas and performing ...

  • Arj Barker - Joy Harvest

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    After finally wrapping up his year long Australian tour, it is clear how much the fans love Arj Barker! Based on the live show "Let Me Do The Talking", this highly anticipated new release from one of Australia's most loved comedians certainly lives up to expectatons. Just like the stereotypical A...

  • The Umbilical Brothers - The Rehearsal

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    With only a week to create their new Melbourne Comedy Festival show from scratch, the lads decide to name it The Rehearsal. That way, no-one would have anything to complain about. They got away with it until Edinburgh 2005, where a savvy punter observed "it just seemed like two blokes mucking aro...

  • Kitty Flanagan - Charming *& Alarming

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    With effortless charm, Kitty’s comic timing and bursts of physical theatre are nothing short of outstanding. Charming & Alarming Charming & Alarming is the definitive collection of Flanagan’s best stand-up, performed in a sparkly cardigan and ill-fitting trousers. It’s a rapid fire 60 minutes of ...

  • Umbilical Brothers - Heaven By Storm

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    Welcome to the Umbilical Brothers third spectacular DVD. It takes the boys on the adventure of their lives, from the bathroom to the very gates of heaven. This show cemented their international acclaim, winning them a coveted Perrier nomination and critics choice award at the Edinburgh Fringe. Lo...

  • Umbilical Brothers TWIN PACK

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    Heaven By Storm and NSFC

  • Arj Barker - Heavy

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    Armed only with a microphone and a harmonica, heavyweight US comic Arj Barker returns to Oz and tackles over seventeen of the heaviest topics around. Filmed at the historic Regal Theatre in Perth, this show is sure to weigh in as an instant classic as you watch Arj discover the lighter side of ev...

  • Jimeoin - Something Smells Funny

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  • Jimeoin - What
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    Jimeoin - What

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    Live stand-up performance by Australian comedian Lawrence Mooney. In this show Lawrence talks about a road trip taken by him and his brothers after the death of their uncle.

  • The latest & Greatest of A-List Live Specials

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    A selection of new titles from Alist entertainment

    Akmal – Transparent
    Carl – Drinking With A Fork
    Kitty Flanagan – Seriously
    Umbies – Not Suitable For Children
    Strassman – iTed (do we even have this
    Tahir – Bogans, Asians, Wogs and Other Aussie Citizens
    Arj Barker -Organic
    Jimeoin – Yee Haa